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Shared Hosting

Elirion has been providing web site hosting since 2000. Our hosting service includes:

  • A full control panel so you can administer your site yourself. We currently use Parallels Plesk Panel.
  • A quick installer so you can install popular programs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, etc. in minutes.
  • Full featured email service, including web mail, virus and spam protection, POP3 and IMAP access, and the Mailman mailing list manager.

Our hosting servers are located in true data centers, with redundant internet connections and backup power supplies.

Control Panel

Our Plesk control panel lets you log in and make changes to your site and email accounts without having to wait for us to do it for you. (We’re happy to make simple changes on request.)

Plesk includes full control over:

  • Email accounts. You can create new email accounts, route several email addresses to the same mailbox, or even forward the email for your site to your account at Gmail or Yahoo!.

  • Subdomains. You can set up separate sites for regional offices or other members of your family, or a test site to try out new ideas.

  • DNS. You can set up computer names in your domain and point them at any web address.

  • Mailing lists. You can set up email discussion lists. (Bear in mind that commercial email is covered by the CAN-SPAM act.)

  • Backups. You can back up your site.

Quick Installer

Modern web sites are often built on top of a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla!.

Plesk includes its own quick installer, APS, but we also offer Installatron. You may find Installatron easier to use than APS, and the packages are usually updated within a day or two of a new release of the packaged program, faster than with APS.

Installatron also gives you the ability to back up programs you’ve installed with it. And you can import programs you’ve installed manually so you can update them with Installatron in a few clicks.

Web Mail

Plesk includes several web mail packages. We almost always include Horde, a “groupware” package that includes:

  • Web mail

  • Address book

  • Calendar

  • Ability to change your email password

  • Email filtering to move messages into folders

Of course, you can use a separate email program such as Thunderbird or Outlook to retrieve your mail. And you can view your mail on your smart phone.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

We run a virus and spam filter in front of our Plesk servers to reject email that might contain viruses or spam. You can mark email as spam inside our web mail system by moving it to the Spam folder, where Plesk will later “learn” that the email was spam, improving its ability to notice spam in the future. Virus definitions are updated several times a day.

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